Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use my own Gateways in the D-TAC system?

A. Yes, we provide the RADIUS control software, database and Web based user interface for the billing system. The system is designed specifically for customers using their own hardware, routes and carrier termination.

Q. How many Gateways can I control using this system?

A. The D-TAC system has no set limit on the number of gateways and gatekeepers controlled by each account. The physical limit will depend on the amount of UDP RADIUS traffic from each device, what brand device and what types of packet request are needed. For example systems can be configured to send/not send Start Accounting packets, pre-authorization ANI as PIN, Language by DNIS and Least Cost Routing request/responses for each call.

Q. We have two different customer bases, Postpaid and Prepaid customers. Do we need to buy two different accounts with D-TAC? If so, can we get consolidated reporting for carrier reconciliation?

A. Actually you only need a single account because D-TAC can control both Post-paid and pre-paid accounts simultaneously. Separate reporting is provided for the prepaid calling cards and the postpaid tandem, carrier and wholesale accounts.

Q. If I want to provide termination services for other companies can I use this system?

A. Yes, D-TAC can be configured to provide Whole Sale or Tandem billing and full account control for these types of customers.

Q. My business is Prepaid Calling Cards and I need to control my PIN generation and usage tracking, do you have interfaces designed to help me with this part of my business?

A. The web based user interface has specific sections designed to make generating and controlling Cards, PINS and Batches easy. Built from the route owner and distributors point of view, the system coordinates cost centers and profit centers to help show true results using real-time data analysis.

Q. How does the system work? Am I sharing a database with other customers? Am I sharing a RADIUS Server with other customers?

The D-TAC system is designed to simultaneously manage multiple accounts by assigning independent RADIUS Servers, SQL Databases and client Web interfaces separately for each customer. This methodology completely isolates each customer from the RADIUS Server to the database containers so that there is no chance of cross data contamination.

Q. What if I require customized programming in my RADIUS attributes; will all of the other customers see those customizations?

A. No each customer is assigned a different RADIUS Server so customizations are allowed and can be done in total isolation.





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