D-TAC Overview

Digital Telecom Access Control systems are designed to provide call control and billing control for remote telecommunication customers. Providing Authentication and Billing for calling card services, carrier billing, termination services, corporate calling cards, corporate phone networks, dial-up customers and other emerging Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) applications.

Quick Profitability - ROI

Priced to allow easy market entry, the D-TAC Leased software program actually makes sense because of the low startup cost and quick setup turnaround time. Your ROI (return on investment) happens much quicker because running on our servers eliminates the need to buy computer hardware and removes the cost of leasing colocation rack space to put it in. With D-TAC you always have the latest software versions much quicker than owning software and without any extra cost.

Technical Capabilities

Utilizing RADIUS server communications and D-TAC control technology, multiple VOIP and PSTN gateways can be controlled from a single interface while consolidating your entire network into a single database. Prepaid, postpaid, IVR and Tandem configurations can be intermixed, providing complete Authentication control and Billing capabilities. Eliminate the risk of keeping your computer and customer database in a colocation cage when it really belongs in an secure climate controlled computer room.

· Remote Authentication
· Remote Authorization
· Remote Call Rating/Billing
· Remote Carrier Rating
· Remote IP Billing

D-HD High Density Billing Application

The D-TAC "HD" series billing system is a complete post-paid CDR billing platform that is designed to work with traditional switches, IP switches, gateways, proxy servers, soft switches and boarder session controllers. Providing a quality-billing platform for high-density VoIP and TDM based CDR networks.

D-HD offers Telecom specific billing and business automation features to make operating your company easier. Each department within your organization is provided the screens, features & tools to allow for maximum productivity. From customer support systems to the rate management tools, the D-HD system provides the tools needed to get the job done. If you are looking for CDR management, powerful invoicing, cash receipts, carrier costing, ASR reporting, statistical route or trunk group information, then the D-TAC HD Billing System provides the solution.

     Use the D-TAC system to Bill,
     Control & Consolidate all of
     your SIP and h.323 CDR
     records as well as all of
    your RADIUS gateway devices,
     switches and Proxy Servers.
      All Products are available:

      On a Hosted Platform
      Leased on your site
      For Retail Sales
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